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About Us

Hi! I’m Serena and welcome to Little little dream!

The ideas for this business began when my husband Tom and I had our son Theodore Raine (Little Raine) in 2017.

I’m pretty fussy when it comes to my clothes and it turns out I’m exactly the same for Theo! I began an obsessive Instagram search looking for clothes that were a little different and I came across so many amazing independent children’s clothing brands! These were perfect to go along with one of my all time favourites Zara.

Theo has grown so quickly and it shocked us how little wear these amazing items got. I had been working in a very successful women’s dress agency for many years and it had always been easy to recycle and refresh my wardrobe whenever I fancied. We needed to be able to do this for him too! And all the other families out there like us.

As the end of my maternity leave drew closer and decisions needed to be made my super supportive husband encouraged me to take the leap and give it a go. I love his confidence in me! He’s my numbers guy, if you are around when there is a pop up shop he will probably be hassling you in the street with my flyers! 

So here we are, having fun playing with clothes.

The idea is to support these fab independent brands but also to make them more accessible to everyone by re-selling them once they have been outgrown. At the same time helping all you busy parents keep your children’s wardrobe fresh and the outgrown piles down and make buying the next seasons outfits a little less bank breaking by helping you earn money from their outgrown items. We want to help you recycle your child’s wardrobe! 

Thanks for taking the time to read about us. (This took me an awfully long time to write!!)

Serena xx